How To Create Content That Satisfies Search Intent

Understanding the key elements of a successful content marketing strategy and how to put them into best practice. 

Date: Tuesday 19th July 2022
Time: 5:00pm BST (12pm EST / 9am PST)

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How well does your content resonate with your target market? Instead of focusing on your content output, it’s time to start focusing on producing quality content based on what your audience genuinely wants to read. Through understanding how to create content that satisfies search intent, you can devise an approach that drives relevant leads to your site.
Within the 30 minute Twitter Space, you’ll have the chance to hear from Reji and Lewis about:

01. How to identify intent
02. Why it's important to write content that satisfies search intent
03. Common mistakes people make when optimising their content
04. How to create a meaningful connection with your audience
05. How to build an effective strategy around target keywords


Lewis Esson
SEO Account Manager

Lewis is one of Absolute Digital Media's Senior SEO Managers. With a background in outreach, Lewis knows what it takes to ensure his clients remain visible in even the most competitive industries.

Reji Yates
Content Strategist

Reji is a Content Strategist at a leading marketing agency. When she's not busy working across a range of client campaigns, she can be found arranging her next speaking debut at well-known conferences and events.

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